The Realme 12 5G: A New Era of Connectivity


The Realme 12 5G is said to be in the works, with details of the new handset surfacing online. This comes shortly before the company launches the Realme 12 Pro series in India. The Realme 12 5G has been spotted on the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) website, suggesting it could make its debut in the near future.

Display and Design

The Realme 12 5G is expected to feature a stunning display that will provide users with an immersive viewing experience. The handset has been listed on China’s MIIT certification website, which includes images of the phone in a blue colourway, giving us our first look at its design. The phone’s edges appear to be flat, while the images suggest the corners will be rounded.


The rear panel of the purported Realme 12 5G shows the handset will bear a similar appearance to the Realme 12 Pro+ 5G. The handset is seen with a quad rear camera setup, along with an LED flash. It also has a long metal strip that runs from the top to the bottom of the phone, in the middle. The Realme branding is located at the bottom left section of the rear panel.

Speakers and Processor

While the specific details about the speakers and processor are not yet revealed, we can expect the Realme 12 5G to come equipped with high-quality speakers for an enhanced audio experience. The processor, being a crucial component, is likely to be powerful enough to handle multitasking and high-end gaming with ease.


The battery specifications of the Realme 12 5G are yet to be announced. However, considering the trends in the smartphone market, it is safe to assume that the device will house a robust battery to support its 5G connectivity and other power-intensive features.


While the Realme 12 5G is yet to be launched, there are several other 5G smartphones in the market that consumers might consider. These include models from brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, and OnePlus. However, the final decision would depend on the specific features and price point of the Realme 12 5G.


The Realme 12 5G is shaping up to be a promising device with its potential features and 5G connectivity. While Realme is yet to announce any plans to launch the Realme 12 5G in India and other markets, we can expect the phone to make its debut soon.



Model NumberRMX3868
CertificationListed on BIS and MIIT
DesignBlue colourway, flat edges, rounded corners
CameraQuad rear camera setup, LED flash
Launch DateYet to be announced

Please note that the specifications are based on the information available at the time of writing and may change upon the official announcement by Realme.

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